• "GOOD LUCK" Candle - Soho House Exclusive

"GOOD LUCK" Candle - Soho House Exclusive

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"Good Luck": The first scent release by Mr. Saturday is available exclusively to Soho House members. 

"After over a year of development, I feel comfortable releasing my first scent offering through this channel. Scent has always played an important role in my design and life - it brings you to moments: past and future. “Good Luck” is a mix of familiar and new feelings for me. To me it’s the smell of walking into a museum exhibit in the summer; the fresh smell of wooden crates, and shredded paper that protect a historical piece of art, and the sweet summer air. A new experience of something old. To me it feels like a new beginning that is at once very inspiring but also comforting. I hope it brings you the same feeling.” - Joey Gollish

Good Luck™ The circle means it's saturday