PRE-ORDER: Priceless Lies 2




100% of Proceeds Donated to the NAACP (US)  Black Legal Action Centre (CANADA), + Black Solidarity Fund.

The flag that is supposed to represent the most 'free' nation on earth is built upon lies. Lies that come at the cost of human lives. 

'Priceless Lies' is an excerpt from a 1980 copy of the East Village Voice. A publication put together by a generation who, like us, wanted to change the injustices created by their forefathers. A generation who, like us, all too often lost important members of their community to racist violence.

The number of black lives lost isn't innumerable, but it's an astronomically high, undocumented number. Lies may come at a cost, but a human life is priceless.

The neck tag has been replaced with the date, and a line to sign on. Each order will ship with a marker. This shirt is a contract, signed by the wearer. A commitment. It’s a commitment to stand with the black community. It's a commitment to stand against and dismantle the system that perpetuates racism.

This 'Independence Day', commit to ending racism.